KDE Restore Session broken?


I’d like my session restored when I reboot or start my computer. Session settings are default, with “terminate current session” and “restore previous session”. Some apps act weirdly on restore, for example Brave browser sometimes won’t show while I can see it’s running with pgrep. Thunderbird won’t restore and a message telling me it’s already launched will popup, but the actual GUI is nowhere to be found. Nextcloud Client starts, but I cannot see the tray icon.

Some colleagues told me it’s an issue with SDDM, and that I need to disconnect first and then shutdown or reboot. Is there no other way to fix this ?

I noted that as well, I thought it was because I switched to Wayland… are you using X11?

Yes, X11.

Seems you want an egg-laying wool-milk-sow…

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If you really need this, I suggest for you to switch to an immutable system, such as Fedora Silverblue. It might just get you a little closer to where you (seemingly) want to be.

I’m not sure how this is relevant to my problem. I used XFCE before and it had no issues restoring Brave or Thunderbird.

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Fixed by disabling chrome-remote-desktop systemd service. For some reason, I think the apps actually launched in another virtual display created by crd, which made them invisible for me.

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