KDE plasma stuck at graphical interface with nouveau drivers

Hello I tried to install some aplications with wine. I got errors about installing nouveau drivers. I did it but after reboot my boot is stuck at

[ok] Reached target Graphical Interface

I don’t know what to do. I’m new here so please don’t blame me for not knowing some things.
Thank You.

Maybe remove wine and the applications?

You can first try removing “wine” from the system and all its applications.

  • Drop to tty. How to get in TTY ← You can use this no difference in Arch/Eos.

  • Run sudo pacman -Rsc wine ← will remove the wine package.

  • Then rm -rf ~/.wine ← will remove the program files.

P.S.: Do you have an NVIDIA card on your system?

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This may be completely unrelated, but I experienced the exact problem when I updated my system without updating the kernel. I had to use the fallback kernel to fix the problem. (I didn’t update it because I would have had to recompile the kernel)

Hello everyone!
Thanks for Your replies. Turns out I’m just dumb and I installed endevavour without nvidia drivers and that was the issue. But anyway thanks for trying to help me :sweat_smile: