KDE / Plasma search not working correctly

Disabling baloo is the first thing I always do after installing KDE Plasma, because I find it negatively affecting the performance, even on relatively high end hardware.

So, I always do:

balooctl suspend
balooctl disable


rm -rf ~/.local/share/baloo

If I need to search for files, I use the find utility, like the good Lord intended.


Are talking about kfind?

No, I’m talking about find (GNU findutils).

I found that Baloo can have a negative impact as well. One update under Manjaro I ended up disabling it till KDE released a fix. I have both Catfish and Angrysearch installed and just checked Catfish and it won’t find items in system settings at all, so items in system settings being indexed may be only in the builtin search.

After yesterday’s updates I decided to try to search “autostart” from bot the desktop and apps menu again and it comes up now. Have to assume something in the Plasma 5.20 update fixed it.