KDE Plasma.. I've seen the light

Yeah, neovim is very good, and if I didn’t have Kate, that’s what I’d probably use, but as it is, I find Kate to be vastly superior. Pretty much a personal preference, though, I think neovim can be expanded to have almost the full feature set of Kate.

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Ah yes, I forgot about Kate.
Kate surprised me a lot. It’s really good.


kde 2/3 were awesome :slight_smile: i actually also liked 4 - not 4.0/4.1 where it was unstable and usable, or 4.14 which is just as much of a resource hog as 5, but around 4.3-4.4, it was a pretty reasonable DE.

for me, plasma 5’s mindset doesn’t fit me well - it’s “add feature on top of feature” (which suits some people fine, and that’s awesome!) rather than “make the desktop we have stable and lightweight, fix it’s bugs, then put it on maintenance mode” (the attitude I prefer.) Plasma also eats too much memory (and leaks a lot) in my experience.

I haven’t seen any memory leaks myself.

In my opinion, the focus (or obsession) on memory use is meaningless. RAM should be used. The expression ‘unused RAM is bad RAM’ absolutely rings true. RAM makes the system faster and more efficient, not the opposite.


I can run Plasma 5 without any issue on a 2013 laptop with 5 GB of RAM. And I have still plenty of RAM to use for other stuff (like having 20 tabs open in a browser, for example).


These days most of the RAM usage comes from browsers and stuff like that. DE:s are kinda light considering how many things they ship out of box. So this is the reason why many noobies should not watch when some youtuber is benchmarking Desktop Environments RAM usage after booting it some small virtual machine.

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I had some strange issues, laptop getting hot and using a lot ventilation when logged into plasma, but not when logged in my i3 wm session. Not sure when that started perhaps end of Spring/Summer updates. So I have been on and off plasma, I somehow like it but always switch to other DEs…

I run Plasma 5 without any issue on an ARM device with 4 GB of RAM. And I have still plenty of RAM to use for other stuff (like having 20 tabs open in a browser, for example).



That sarcasm. I think you’re in the right place. Welcome.

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Anyone out there using plasma on Wayland? Have they figured out the touchpad gestures yet? They are just too good on gnome for me to go back to plasma still. That’s all I’m waiting for, as I like plasma for everything else better than gnome.


Plus X11 can’t beat Wayland for scaling on screen with different resolutions! Don’t know if plasma does it yet.

My laptop is so old that the touchpad gestures don’t even work on Gnome Wayland…

Allegedly they are in the current 5.25 https://kde.org/announcements/plasma/5/5.25.0/.

I use Wayland. Custom gestures is something I’m still trying to find the best solutions for. I have to use an extension in Firefox for now, for instance. It’s not a huge issue for me as I focus on keyboard use mostly.

One seamingly small but actually rather important ‘feature’ in Plasma is that overall screen rendering - especially of text, of course - seems clearer and smoother than in Gnome. Much more like what you would expect to see in MacOS. I don’t know if this is purely Plasma-related or mostly Wayland, but even in Gnome on Wayland I can never get text to look as good as on Plasma, even using the same fonts and aliasing settings.


They don’t work very well for me, but that could be the dodgy touchpad on my old-ish Thinkpad

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I’d go along with this - integration is a touch rough, kmail is a cluster fork - I’m giving Thunderbird a whirl, but I really prefer Mailspring for it’s clean looks and the fact that it seems to work better too…

Definitely check out a few specials - Lightly application style is IMO nicer than Breeze and with a few extra settings.

Then there’s the menu options, Global Menu is ok when using Bismuth for tiling, but generally I like Material - it puts an inline menu in your titlebar (visible on mouseover) which I prefer to hamburgers…

And definitely check out Klassy - that’s awesome, and many options again for stuff like window decorations (matching colour scheme, buttons and padding adjustments etc).

but does kwin also work for your belgian keyboard? here on belgian keyboard suck here lol

I live in the UK. I only use UK keyboards.
I havent used a Belgian keyboard for 22 years.

I hated Belgian keyboards. It’s like they were specifically designed to make things as difficult and inefficient as possible. A bit like Belgian bureaucracy, and the enourmous incompetence of our current government.


ah true story :slight_smile:

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I set up on x11 with touchegg. It was ok, I don’t want custom gestures either, just the ones in Gnome. I love the over view, abs swipe between desktops.