Kde plasma install xfce4 and goodies: no wifi xfce

I installed Galileo Neo, which has KDE Plasma as default, wifi works fine.
I don’t want KDE Plasma, so I installed xfce…it’s like half the memory of the plasma fat boy.

sudo pacman -S xfce4 xfce4-goodies

change DE to XFCE, login
Can’t find wifi.
I don’t have any bottom panel.
I have a Mac style ‘bar’ and it doesn’t contain wifi.
On the top right, there is a firewall with a square peeking out behind it.
Left clicking it shows only ‘lo interface’, nothing else can be clicked.
Where is the nm applet that is in plasma DE?
It’s already installed in the other DE, how do I install it in XFCE offline?
I’d rather have the best solution instead of my reaching suggestions.

That is what XFCE looks like by default.

Our settings layout is in the package eos-settings-xfce4

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Does this layout include wifi connection software?
Can I install this overtop of the previous install?

edit: I’m going to the other side and see what happens.

How do I activate it?
In Plasma where there is wifi or in XFCE where there is no wifi?

The easiest way is after installing that package, create a new user account and login to it.

If you need to connect to wifi you can use nmtui from a terminal until your graphical environment is up and running.

I just came back from xfce, tried ‘eos-settings-xfce4’ command not found.
I already have a working graphical environment for XFCE, just no wifi connection.

That is a package, not a command.

If that is your only issue, you can skip the above and install network-manager-applet

sudo pacman -Syu network-manager-applet

It doesn’t matter which DE you do it from.

Will give it a go and see what happens.
Be back in a Jiffy. (No, it’s not a vehicle.)

It doesn’t work from XFCE,

Synchronizing package database failed to download

It needs a network connection to download the package.

Installed sudo pacman -Syu network-manager-applet from KDE Plasma working wifi, this was successful.
I am writing this from XFCE. w00t.
I would like to uninstall KDE Plasma, but should I leave it as a backup for a little while?
Does EndeavorOS documentation identify the preferred method to uninstall a DE?

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Answer is yes, EndeavorOS does recommend a method to uninstall DE’s, but they warn it may cause issues, something can get out of whack.

Thank you for the help dalto.

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