KDE Plasma: how to see all open windows like in Gnome Desktop > "Activity"

Desktop: KDE Plasma
Distro: EndeavourOS

is it possible, if needs be, to see in KDE all open windows side by side, like with menu “Activity” in Gnome Desktop?

There is “Overview” which is tied to meta+w by default.

It is also on the upper left hot corner.

If you would prefer to see applications across desktops, there is “Present Windows” which is on ctrl+F10


Thank you, [meta]+[w] works great! And [ctrl]+[F10] likewise! But there is no button on the upper left corner of my Plasma screen. Or, what is a “hot” corner?

Basically force your cursor into the corner of the display without clicking on anything.

Wow! Thank you very much! Getting so much with doing so little, not even klicking!


And, of course, you can change the hot corner functions, which corners are hot, etc… as well as all the keyboard shortcuts.

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