KDE Plasma 5.16.5 - Blank wallpapers

Installed KDE Plasma 5.16.5 and everything is working fine except under Desktop Settings where all the wallpapers are blanked.

If I choose a wallpaper it will show the actual background picture.

Is there something missing?

Dell Studio, Quad Core, 4GB, 320GB HHD and AMD Radeon R7 360 2GB DDR3

hello,you have to give him time to start

Time? I installed two days ago. Wallpaper thumb nails are all blanked. It stays that way.

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I think he meant, that the thumbnails need time to load. :wink:

Maybe this thread from the Arch-forum can help? Missing package or something…

I’m not that impatient lol.

Solved the problem:
Install kio-extras package


Great. :+1:
Oh, and welcome to the forum by the way!
Maybe you want to mark this as solved so other can find it more easily?

It would wise to mention the kio-extras in the KDE Plasma guide.

Chances are good that the package is installed as dependency as one of the other packages, especially when using Dolphin as filemanager.
Could you tell which of the packages you installed? I guess you took a minimal approach? :slight_smile:

Full KDE Plasma package (yay -S plasma)

Did you install dolphin? If you had then kio-extras should have been installed as a dependency.

plasma does not install dolphin nor kconsole, as they are in kde-application

True, but the instructions and posts about installing Plasma advise/suggest/hint that you need to install some/many kde-applications. Without doing that step one may end up with a dysfunctional “frankensystem”.


Could be either package according to the Arch forum but the thunmbnailers is part of kio-extras


The missing package was kdegraphics-thumbnailers… smile

For me the missing package was kio-extras

Thank you everyone and again, kio-extras was the missing link for me. Nice to keep KDE Plasma lean and fast.