KDE panel missing after install and reboot


I just installed eOS KDE plasma but I have a strange problem. After the installation everything seemed to be ok but then i upgraded the system and enabled my KDE theme (ant-dracula) and rebooted.

After the login i don’t have a panel in Plasma anymore and nothgin happens when I try to add it again.

Open a terminal (alt+f2 konsole enter), type plasmashell --replace and post any errors.

You can also try to reset plasma back to defaults, this is my method:

lookandfeeltool -a org.kde.breeze.desktop
#log out/in

If that doesn’t work:

cd /home/<your-username>/.config
mkdir plasma-old
mv *rc plasma-old/
mv kdeglobals plasma-old/

plasmashell --replace works but if i logout and login the panel is again missing.

Same happens if I try to do the other two commands.

Maybe try this:

Same stuff here (usually indeed after post-big-update reboots ). The “regular” Plasma panel doesn’t appear, Latte dock crashes.

Perhaps because

This was a major bugfix week



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