Kde online accounts on kwin/lxqt

I have installed EOS LXQT on my very old laptop. Fantastic, fast, all in all everything I need for this old box.
it runs on kwin because i would like to have the useful kde online accounts.
i have installed kaccounts-integration and kaccounts-providers.
but now i have no choice in the kde system settings to create an online account. neither nextcloud nor google or anything else.
i want to keep the installation as small as possible. with kde-pim it would work for sure, but i just don’t need all of it
does anyone know what additional packages i need to install to access the online accounts?

An upstream-bug (KDE)?


1.) …

2.) …

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Dont think so. Online acoounts are working on my Plasma installation at my Desktop PC.
Its only here on my laptop on LXQT/kwin setup.
I just dont know which additional packages to install

Thanks, i will have a look at…

Have you got all the dependencies listed here for kaccounts-integration installed?

I would expect pacman to include them automatically, but it might be worth checking.

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I’ve been trying to get this working as well and have had no luck. I tried installing Kalendar and Kontact and syncing to Google that way as well, but no luck.
If you find a solution please share. Having my Google calendar integration and desktop notifications is the last missing piece to switch fully to LXQt for me.
I don’t want to use a browser for this. I’d like a dedicated PIM or calendar application to integrate mail, calendar, and drive.

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@ivanhoe @r0ckhopper @brucehankins
i have installed all the dependencies and also kde-pim-meta. unfortunately there is no way to make the online accounts work under lxqt.
also an internet search did not show anything about this topic.
i don’t think lxqt is designed for that at all. so I will have to choose another lightweight DE which can handle online-accounts.
Maybe i will give xfce a try and try gnome-online-accounts with it.
very sad, lxqt is really very lightweight. has just about 450mb ram in use
no problem at all, this is just an old laptop for testing. would still be nice if i get the 15 year old piece to run

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Xfce (maybe Lxde also?) plus a couple of GNOME ( boo :ghost: ) packages might work:


Will probably bring in some dependencies. Try it in a VM if you can.

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@swh what is the end goal with online accounts? I just got Kalendar set up and syncing with Google finally. I’ll be doing a clean install (got it working in a VM) and document the exact KDE packages installed to do so.
If you are looking for something like Google Drive, rclone may work.
Even with everything being able to sync my Google contacts and calendars, it still will not show up in KDE Online Accounts.

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the goal is to connect my nextclod account with the laptop so that i can access my contacts, tasks and appointments with the smartphone and the desktop pc. the exchange with smartphone and desktop pc works great. On my desktop PC i run Plasma.

yes, i read it in garuda forum about this solution.

But No, i dont have any goolag account anymore

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will bring for sure a lot of dependencies :wink:

too late, now I have already installed :enos: with xfce DE


Party Time!


Doesnt work really well as i want to. so i am back to LX again.
i thought about it.for me the simplest solution to get CARDav and CALDav to get to work is using thunderbird.
no dependencies needed on a lightweight DE.


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