KDE Keyboard Shortcuts not working

I have a relatively clean install of Endevour OS updated as of today. I am using KDE Plasma (5.20 as of writing this) as my desktop and I’ve had an issue with keyboard shortcuts not working. Ironically, I didn’t really realize the full scope of the issue for several weeks. It started with Yakuake drop down terminal. I noticed that the F12 command assigned to it didn’t seem to be working consistently which was odd. I’ve also now noticed that even commands like ALT-Tab isn’t even working. I can confirm the keys themselves work but the shortcuts just don’t.

I don’t have much running on the computer other than Chrome, Thunderbird, X2Go and Chrome Remote Desktop (plus all the usual KDE applications that install with the meta package).

Any suggestions on how I might be able to trouble shoot this issue?

What are the file properties of ~/.config/khotkeysrc


mv ~/.config/khotkeysrc ~/.config/khotkeysrc.old

You will have to set them up again.


I don’t understand how this happens? :thinking:

Is the khotkeys package still installed?


khotkeys was installed but I had reinstalled it previous to me posting. It didn’t make a difference. I did remove the khotkeysrc config file but I’m at the inlaws for Thanksgiving so doing it remotely so it makes it a little more difficult to test from here. I will report back tomorrow when I’m back on the physical computer to confirm if that fixed it.

Thank you for the suggestions.

Made it home and have been working on the computer again. It appears that I have more than a couple of issues going on in addition to just the keyboard commands.

In regards to keyboard commands, they still do not work under my account but I created a new user and they did work under that. I’m tempted to just delete my user account and create a fresh one but I don’t feel like setting everything up if it is a simple fix.

Another issue (not sure if related) is that I have to disable compositing under KDE settings or any applications I open will not be drawn on the screen. In fact, the only way I could get to the KDE settings was to login into XFCE4 and open the KDE settings then disable the compositor there.

Additionally, KDE Plasma Wayland session hangs completely on me right after login. It draws the desktop just fine but the keyboard and mouse are frozen (or appear to be) and I have to do a hard reset. What is odd is that after this happens and I do the hard reset, when it starts the login manager again I get a pink screen that is flickering and only showing 1/4 of the window (login manager only partially appears at the bottom right of the screen). I have to restart the computer a couple of times and eventually it will come back as normal.

So best I can tell, I have a couple of problems that I do not know if they are interelated or not.

Cruising on other distro forums I see that the interaction of Wayland and KDE is currently seeming problematical (on Arch based systems, anyway) and switching back to Xorg is the magic bullet for now. You might want to try that. I don’t understand KDE settings, but I would think that you could keep them through the switch?

I should clarify, I am not actually using Plasma-Wayland for my daily desktop. The keyboard shortcuts and compositing issue I am seeing is all on normal Plasma desktop.

On this side note since I mentioned it in my previous thread, I did figure out that logging in with Plasma-Wayland isn’t freezing my computer. Rather just the mouse and keyboard go unreckognized for some reason. Unplugging them and plugging them back in causes Wayland to detect them and then I have a working desktop. That is an issue I can live with for the time being since I really am not even using Plasma-Wayland anyway and have a workaround if I want to test it.

The more info you provide the more relevant responses will be - and the less 3rd hand help you get! :grin: This XFCE guy is outta here :door:

I might have figured out the keyboard issue though I’m speculating at this point… I uninstalled TigerVNC (I was trying to get it setup weeks ago in order to remotely login, ended up using X2Go). Right after uninstall it didn’t seem to make any difference so I went on to playing around with a few other things. However, I eventually restarted my PC for other easons and low and behold, keyboard shortcuts are now working. I am wondering if all of this was related to TigerVNC but sadly have no way to confirm.

I have TigerVNC installed with no problems.

It has been a few weeks but I think when I was trying to get it working for my needs I was messing around with some of the config files and might have changed something that impacted where commands where being sent. It’s a long shot but I don’t have a better explanation since I really didn’t do anything else after uninstalling TigerVNC other than rebooting.

At any rate, I’m happy for the moment and will move on to other issues I need to fix. Thanks for those of you who offered suggestions.

Please don’t do this. Check out setting up REISUB here:

That being said, I also was having some issues with keyboard shortcuts and the auto-tiling script a couple weeks ago. Sounds like it may still be an issue. I (didn’t really) solved it by just changing to another DE. . .

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