KDE is kinda Choppy on NV(prop) X11

On my Main System i use an AMDGPU however i wanted to build a small “Living Room PC” with some old Hardware. It’s a i5 2500k and a GTX970 and 16GB of Ram (using the “normal” nvidia package). The system runs surprisingly well when it comes to actual Tasks though the effetcs when moving or minimizing windows feels awful. It seems kinda choppy/stuttery. Same goes with the mouse cursor in when something has to load… it would skip animations making the performance feel worse than it actually is. I also enabled FPS to see what’s going on and noticed that during Animations the FPS really drop in the 40s… so i’s pretty obvious why it stutters.

Funny enough on wayland that issue isn’t present… (though that has other issues like some games don’t work at all) also the Open Source Driver doesn’t seem to suffer from that issue. I googled quite a bit and even found some reddit guides that claim to make it better… but so far that didn’t do anything for me. Is NV really that bad on Linux? At the moment i just disabled all effects but i still can feel it as this only seems to be some kind of workaround. Any clue what else i can try? Maybe i should try another DE like xfce instead.

The hardware itself should be plenty for that kind of usage.

Which proprietary drivers are you using?

Just the latest nvidia package. I also already reinstalled EOS so i guess the issue is related to the drivers (since it only happens after i install the nvidia package)

extra/nvidia 550.78-1
    NVIDIA drivers for linux