KDE has different light and dark themes

Hello, I am very new to Linux right now, so I have only been able to try fixes from Reddit posts going back a year. What I read from those is that things GTK are not following the rules, but I’m unsure.

The issue I am having is that the apps on the left don’t seem to follow the dark theme that is set by KDE. I do have GNOME installed on the side so I could test.

Is there a config file that I need to change? Not sure what to do here.

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What is your GTK theme set to in system settings?

As a side note, you absolutely should not use grub customizer on any Arch-based distro. The amount of broken systems we see that have breakage caused by grub-customizer is quite high.

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It’s currently set to Breeze. When I hit preview, it shows to be in dark mode.

I will keep in mind the grub customizer issue. I only use it as a quick way to modify the waiting time. It felt like an app that can very quickly break things.

Do you have any examples of other applications that show this problem?

Basically, using it all for any reason causes future havoc. If your install is a recent one, it may be better to reinstall to get rid of it.

Any application that comes from GNOME seems to exhibit this issue, so I assume it’s related to Adwaita/GTK applications.

Can you share a specific example? Gnome applications are a mix of gtk3 and gtk4 applications so I want to make sure I am doing the right testing.

Files (45.2.1), Disk Usage Analyzer (45.0), Console (can’t see version since it opens KDE’s context menu), Weather (45.0), Clocks (45.0), Calculator (45.0.2), Text Editor (can’t view version; same reason as Console) These are all in light mode.

Strangely enough, Image Viewer (45.3) seems to work in dark mode.

The Videos app, which I think is a gnome app because of the icon, seems to be strangely broken. I can’t open Help to see what it is. I get the same thing with Disks (maybe on older GTK?). Gnome System Monitor has the same behaviour.

And of course there is Grub Customizer (now uninstalled).

I have similiar settings to you. KDE, breeze dark, breeze as gtk theme.

Gnome calculator works fine here.

I suspect your issue may be related to this:

It is possible that Gnome is stepping on KDE’s settings.

To check this, create a new user, login only to KDE with that user and see if the issue is also there.

Anki (Version ⁨23.10.1) now also uses Light theme when set to Follow system. Forgot to add this.

Same issue pops up on a new account.

I had this issue even before I installed Gnome. Grub Customizer and Disk Usage Analyzer both used light theme.

I also neglected to mention I did some customization with Kvantum to get a monochrome theme working. The plasma style is also Breeze Transparent Dark while application style is set to kvantum-dark.

REDDIT is the problem. Don’t ever trust what you read there.

REDDIT ҂ Endeavour

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I see. This seemed like a very niche issue, so that Reddit post I found was the only place I could find any sort of answer. Is there an obvious answer that I am missing though? Does it have to do with some of my settings and set themes?

Maybe it would help to reinstall the entirety of KDE.

It probably has something to do with installing multiple DEs together.

If you do this I would reinstall the whole system but this time only install KDE and if you want to try out other DEs use a VM.

Worth a shot. I don’t recall multiple DE’s having stuff to do with having mismatched themes, but I can experiment.

GNOME VS KDE Seen so many post of mismatched themes between these two. GTK and QT seem to hate each other from what I’ve seen people post.

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Guess I should stop using DuckDuckGo. It hardly pulled up posts about these mismatches. Really strange that GTK and QT break like this.