KDE Frameworks 5.97.0 in the wild!

Greetings lovely community,

Looks like the Arch repos just pushed out the latest KDE Frameworks v 5.97.0 update today. The dev team behind Frameworks announced the release yesterday via the following blog post, so this is another quick turn around for the Arch devs being really on top of things. Read the KDE Frameworks announcement below:

Some features and bug fixes worth mentioning in this latest release:

If you’re curious for more information you can check out the KDE Frameworks main page here: https://develop.kde.org/products/frameworks//

And if you don’t already, one of the best resources (a KDE dev blog) for the latest KDE fixes and features can be read over here (honestly bookmark it if you haven’t already!): https://pointieststick.com

Side note, I may be a Gnome user myself (I do use a few KDE apps!), but regardless of DE I enjoy Linux and following along on a lot of other developmental projects happening in the open source world too and I just wanted to say I hope you all enjoy the latest Frameworks Plasma users! :enos: :computer:


Great for ‘Windozers’, I guess…

Yet, I cherish your way of spreading the news @Scotty_Trees (in other threads, too). It should be very helpful for Arch- and EOS-devs to come back to work and renounce from further endulging in their holidays!

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Always appreciate being appreciated! Most of the time, all the various Linux news site, already do a good job of reporting updates and things. I just try to fill in the gap sometimes :wink:



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Oh man, you got 3 broccoli already! Love to see it! You might have to change your graphics platform from X11 to GasX11 :stuck_out_tongue: