KDE Dolphin no SMB folders show up

I have another computer that shares some folders though when i use Dolphin > Network > SMB these folders wont show up. However If i manually type smb://IP-Adress i can access these folders just fine. I have no clue if i’m missing any package and what package that would be. Any clue?

Server OS, Client OS? Samba Version on Server? smb.conf on server? Dolphin version? Without this, it’s only guesswork, and you won’t get much response.

Maybe you have the same issue that I had: SMB shares from EnOS server don't show up in network

The question is about an EnOS server, but Samba shares are tricky on all kinds of servers. I suspect now that it’s more Dolphin than Samba which is at fault.

Hi, i didn’t think it to be that complicated to be honest. I’m just trying to access some share folder from another Windows 10 computer. I now managed to find the system via Dolphin (FirewallD blocked the access before) though i still can’t access it. Because of the “wrong” suffix. When trying to access the other System by clicking on the SMB Folder showing up under Network/SMB it would try to connect via smb://HOSTNAME.kio-discovery-wsd/ which doesn’t work. When i change it to smb://HOSTNAME i can access the folder just fine. After search around i found an old bug described here . Which is exactly the same issue i’m facing. Though according to that thread it has been fixed in kio-extras 20.04.1. I’m using kio-extras 23.08.3-1.