KDE Dolphin menubar

wondering why CONTROL+M does not bring up the menubar in Dolphin

It should unless you have overridden it with something else in System Settings->Workspace->Shortcuts->Standard Shortcuts

…just checked in Standard Shortcuts and Show menubar is listed with CONTROL+M

When i press Ctrl+M when browser is open it mutes audio in browser window even though the setting say’s menu?

Mine works fine in Dolphin and mutes audio in browser like ricklinux said, if both Dolphin and browser are open Ctrl+M only works menu in Dolphin and nothing in browser. My system is stock when it comes to shortcut settings.

Mine is the same …default settings. I haven’t changed a thing. Except for backgrounds and Icons. Basically with the browser it acts like a mute button but you can still use it if Dophin is open like you say. I’m not real experienced with KDE Plasma but have come to really enjoy how fast it performs.

Which browsers are you guys using? They are probably non-QT browsers that don’t obey the standard shortcuts.

I use Firefox.

Unless you are using falkon or qutebrowser or something more obscure than one of those, you probably are using a non-QT browser.

Pretty much all mainstream browsers are non-QT