KDE Desktop Freezes

I’ve been using EOS for almost a month now and it stopped my distro-hopping. I decided to settle on KDE Plasma and its awesome; the downside is, my system crashes at least once everyday, especially while using web browser. I dual boot Win10 and EOS (10-12GB used out of 65GB)

I also experienced this in KDE Neon, but compared to EOS, I think that EOS runs better than Neon. I suspect this is a KDE thing since I rarely experienced it while running Manjaro XFCE, Ubuntu & Fedora GNOME.

MSI A58M-E33 MS-7721
AMD A8-6600K
NVIDIA GeForce GT 730

Is it my hardware’s fault? Or should I try a lighter DE?

Can you switch to a console when KDE freezes? With: Ctrl+alt+f1

After reboot, make a dump of the logs with the eos tool.

I had some problems with Nvidia + Nouveau on Manjaro + KDE.
What GPU driver are you using?
How much RAM are you using? Do you have a SWAP?

I was using Nouveau because my GPU, GT730 (or its driver nvidia-340xx), is not supported by EOS with 4gb of RAM without Swap.

4gb RAM with no swap seems like a really bad idea. I would totally expect freezes. You should create a swap. (and/or add RAM, but as long as you don’t have like 32GB of RAM, I would always create a swap)


I’m with @Elendil on this one. 4gb and no swap is usable, but you’ve gotta be very careful. Monitor it as you use it with something like htop bpytop or free -mto see where you’re at. I would guess you’re running out of ram and crashing at only 4gb.

Or after re-reading it, did you mean that you DO have swap setup?

Please post up the output of swapon


“usable” is a strong term :smiley: It depends on how many browser tabs you want to open. If 10 tabs is enough, it might be sufficient. Personally, 4gb ram + 4gb swap wouldn’t be enough for me, I’m currently using 11.3gb, most of this is firefox. So even if you do have swap: watch if the swap might be full, too.

It’s up to you to know the limitations of your system. Everyone has their limits. I have 60GB RAM between RAM and Swap on this computer. If you have 4, you just need to be careful, and monitor your usage more. But since I baseline about 700mb and even a few FF tabs and email I rarely break 4 w/o swap usage. It’s more like a netbook than a production machine, that’s all.

True. I just wanted to point out, that OP might have problems, even if he “just has firefox open”, and even if he has swap.


I didn’t mean to criticize your post. It was meant to be a supplement, because “very careful” can be understood very differently. In my experience, it’s very easy to fill 8gb of RAM, even with light usage, and even if you use it as a netbook. Just use Telegram, Signal, Matrix, mail, a pdf-reader and a browser with 20 tabs… That’s the setup of my mother, I thought 8gb would be excessive for her. How wrong I was… Now I have to find new ram. :smiley:

It can be. Maybe not. I’ve got 6 tabs open and a terminal and I’m still at only 2.9gb used, so there’s a ways to go on my computer.

It’s still very usable though. Either way, @Quincy let’s see if we can help you with some swap stuff.

I never have too many tabs open. I finish my drink before i open another. :laughing:

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Ok, so SWAP would definitely help my case then. Unfortunately, I just bricked my PC yesterday, its dead, I killed it, and I’m currently grieving. Welp, it looks like I have to temporarily hinder my Linux journey.

Anyways, thanks for the help. I really appreciate this friendly community!

Take a watch at zramd, youll find it in the aur.
Also i would recommend to use a Out of Memorykiller like

Also this can help you:

KDE is all in all one of the “smallest” DE; some years earlierer there was a big differnce yes.
If you really only install needed packages, from KDE you should be under 1GB RAM Usage.

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Bricked like you screwed up the firmware? → you should be able to reload firmware from the oem website, or check out coreboot firmware and see if they have it available for your model?

Or like the hardware failure?


My motherboard was broken, can’t save it anymore :sob: