KDE-CONNECT uses a ton of system resources.
I removed it & Problem solved!

Great Work.
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Ya. . . but you also no longer have kdeconnect?

It’s one of my favorite applications.

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I went one step further and removed KDE/Plasma too. Now running Openbox and loving it. I really thought I would miss KDEconnect, but when I realized that all I ever used it for was file transfer while sitting at my desk it wasn’t a loss at all. Now I just plug in my phone via a USB cable and transfer away.

At one point I considered installing KDEconnect, but after looking at the myriad of “kmodules” that had to be loaded, including wayland support, I gave up that idea.

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if you’re just using it for file transfers, then “warpinator” is a great cable free sub.

I have warpinator installed and have used it and still use it every now and then, but it has one big missing feature for me. The receiving folder/directory is fixed and can only be changed in preferences. If per-file-choice of where to deposit the sent file were available, then warpinator would be perfect. Moving files on both android and linux is pretty easy so maybe I’m being a bit “nit-picky”.

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I just use ssh (and Filezilla) for transfers… no cables, complete source and destination location control, and quick (network speed). Also about as compatible as it comes… :grin:

Also has the advantage that it’s usable with tablets and other systems as well as the phone.


I’m with @freebird54 if you just want file transfers use filezilla and do it over secure SSH I’ve been doing it for years :smiley:

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I just discovered a better solution since I have Samsung phones. Mention of ftp solutions turned on a light bulb somewhere in my brain. In the words of Bob Hoskins “I’ve just had an apostrophe.” What if Samsung “My Files” app can do sftp? And it can. Problem solved.