Kde Connect and firewall default

This seems to be something everyone bumps into at some point when setting up a new system.
It could be addressed during the installation process.
If the user opts to install kde connect, automatically allow the kde connect service on the firewall.

Would save a troubleshooting step or user frustration as to why the program isn’t working for a not-obvious-at-first option.

And on my way to poke the folks on the KDE side to give some visible warning on kde connect that it isn’t allowed on the firewall which can cause it to not work.

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FWIW it is in the KDE Wiki:



Wiki has the hint too… also it is possible for apps to ask for permission to change firewall-settings … system-config-printer does this per example.

EndeavourOS does not install kdeconnect by default neither do we maintain the package…
And i do not think it would be a smart move to automatically open ports without asking for it ?

The package list at GitHub and my test installation in a VM disagree with you.

Kdeconnect is automatically checked if the user chooses to install KDE as their desktop of choice.
And it’s fine if it’s too much trouble to tackle this on the installation side of things.

In general, I’d say automatically opening ports on installation is only maybe okay if they’re automatically closed upon removal of the package(s) that need them to function. I’m not sure there’s a really principled way to do this.