Kde battery tray sometimes not showing power profile

I am using KDE and there is a battery icon in the system tray, normally it will be like this:
But sometimes it become like this:
Note that only one of them each boot, which means it wont change unless I reboot. and it might not change after reboot.
I am not sure how and where does this battery icon thing request the power information.
What might be the problem and how to fix?

System info:
ROG G14 2022, GA402RK
R9 6900HS
EndeavourOS + KDE
Kernel 5.19 (but this issue also occurred in 5.18)

Look for solution in the original post.

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Mine is a amd chip, R9 6900HS, so that does not apply to my machine

Sorry I missed that.

Let’s start fresh.

Reinstall it via sudo pacman -S power-profiles-daemon

As your system has AMD, then in place of intel_pstate, there should be amd_pstate option in kernel boot entry which you have to enable.


Thanks, I just reinstalled it, but I can’t find the amd_pstate in /etc/default/grub

From the above reddit:

SOLVED: There was an intel_pstate=no_hwp option in kernel boot entry (a default option, I didn’t added it). Deleting it made the profile slider appear in the widget and powerprofilesctl output got corrected.

Yes, I mean I don’t have that but still have the problem

Sorry for that. I’d ask around in KDE forums, or report a bug to KDE, or battery-widget devs, as it doesn’t seem to be related to EnOS in any way.

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Just as an update, Restart power-profiles-daemon fix it, although it might still happen if I restart the laptop…