KDE Activities questions

OK, after about 3 weeks of running KDE, I’m convinced I made the right decision in switching over. I’ve had really good experiences both here and on my VMs (Arch and openSUSE, mostly). There are still a few quirks that I’m not able to work out, though:

  1. Sometimes when I start up from a clean boot, my Activities are just…gone. If I switch to them via keyboard shortcuts, they reappear (and my startup programs that I’ve setup for each activity are launched). But the system has forgotten the activity name and background. A logoff/logon will bring the activities mostly back; see below.

  2. Speaking of backgrounds…is there a way to use (1) background for all activities? This was doable with workspaces, but I can’t find a setting like that for activities.

  3. One other thing that gets lost - well at least partially lost - are my pinned apps on the task manager. Any app that’s been pinned exclusively to (1) activity is lost, others work as expected.

I’m not sure that many KDE users here use Activities (I don’t), so if you’re not getting answers here you could try posting at https://discuss.kde.org/ which is the new KDE forum.

This is a (classic KDE) caching/local config files problem. Try cleaning KDE cache (~/.cache) and reset/inspect local KDE files (~/.config/ and ~/.local/share/).

IIRC this is the difference between Activities and Workspaces in Plasma. AFAIK there is no such setting (common wallpaper).

This sounds like a problem/confusion with Activities IDs (or similar) and relates to the first issue (and answer).

Good idea - thanks!

I take it that caching issues have been a KDE issue for a while, correct? Would you recommend that I clean the cache at every login?

I don’t use this either but let’s ask Nicco. :laughing:


It is frequently required after Plasma version upgrades, as they often change how/where/what configuration naming and procedures. Then, cache cleanup would be required. Also some times local data need reset.

Nobody knows what is needed exactly each time. Plasma devs allow us to have an adventure, for fun :rofl: .


One of my biggest practices on KDE is to always log out and back in whenever i make any changes. I don’t know how that relates to the cache files but i don’t seem to have too many issue. Then again i don’t do a lot of typical things that i see users doing to make changes to their system.

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According to my experience sometimes it helps to reboot twice in order to set the cache on track after changing layouts and such. :wink:

Interesting. Since this is the first time I’ve actually stayed with KDE for more than a couple of days, I do find myself tweaking it a lot. Thanks for all the suggestions.

Good for you.
I am the RTFM guy. I read the user manual.
Can you share a link where Plasma/KDE officially suggests something similar?

FWIW, I even read my new Espresso coffee machine User Manual. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m just saying this is my own personal best practice FWIW. Take it or leave it that’s what I tend to do when i make changes in plasma that i feel necessitate doing this. Reading the manual is fine. Understanding the manual…well that’s another issue. Not everything in the manual is written in a way that everyone understands. Everyone has different skill levels and training and experience and knowledge. :man_shrugging:

This, in case of Plasma, needs this addition:

if there is a user manual


Rick, I do not judge anyone, especially a happy user. :wink:

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