KDE 6 ignoring power setting

So, the problem I have is that my laptop doesn’t fully to follow the power setting I set in the settings.
I am using KDE 6 with Wayland.
The problem are the following:

  1. Power profile not being followed. It would switch to battery saver mode whenever I unplug the laptop. Even though I specified it to remain unchanged. I even tried making it change switch to balanced on both plug and unplug version.
  2. It would still logout after sometime even when I specified to do nothing here.

The problem wasn’t there in KDE 5. So, I don’t really know what is causing the problem.

My main issue is with the first problem. Since my laptop audio would start crackling till the next reboot of the system.

I have added an image of power setting in case it helps:

For the second problem have you turned off automatic locking.

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That is weird. I didn’t think the setting would be in under different setting. It is just of the kde thing.
Thanks a lot for helping and adding a screenshot. I was a bit confuse till I saw the picture.

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The power management of my laptop worked perfectly in KDE5, also in Wayland. Now, when I close lid, and later open it, only in one of three attempts the laptop recovers. Usually there is just black screen with a frozen cursor or just a black screen. I have no idea what to look for. I have checked all power settings and they are sensible to me.