KDE 6.0 resets mouse settings when I reboot

Hi friends.

I’m using EOS KDE 6.0 (Wayland) with Nvidia, and my mouse is a Razer Viper Mini.

I changed my mouse settings to remove auto acceleration, so I could play competitive games properly.

The first screenshot was the default configuration, I changed it to what you see in the second screenshot. But when I restarted the PC, the settings are back to the same as in the first screenshot.

In KDE 5.0 this did not happen to me. So, I would like to know if it is a visual bug and my configuration was saved correctly, or if the configuration was saved correctly and a default configuration is reset every time I restart my pc.

(I don’t know if the setting was applied because I don’t notice the difference)

I assume this will be fixed over time, if it is a bug, right?

Thanks in advance!