Just wanted to thank y'all


I know it’s probably dumb, but I just really wanted to say thank you for this amazing distro, been planning it for weeks.

I’ve tried dozens of other distros, for some reason or another every single one failed me in some regard – Ubuntu straight up froze during my working time, Fedora started to lag like it’s 1995, Debian was a nightmare to setup due to a mixed graphics setup, Opensuse, Mint, Kubuntu, Deepin, PopOS!, Nitrux, Zorin, Manjaro, Solus etc. etc. etc.

Everything failed, but this one. It just works. Every. Single. Thing. Just. Works.

There are some weird glitches from time to time, but every time I boot into EndeavourOS - it just f*****g works. I can sit for 16 hours doing my job and not constantly Ctrl+S every 15 seconds because I’m not sure if it’s going to crash or start lagging or some process for some god-forsaken reasons blocks inpuits or KDE suddenly decides to completely reload my screen or w/e.

Thank you. Thank you so, so much.


Hi and welcome to the forum @JKartofel

Welcome to the :enos:Forum @JKartofel :enos_flag:

Hello and welcome to the Forum. I hope your system remains stable. :enos_flag:

@JKartofel , welcome to the forum, welcome to the Purple Family. :enos:

And I agree… EndeavourOS is, by far, the most stable Linux distro I’ve used as well. :enos_flag:

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@JKartofel welcome to the :enos:-Forum! Enjoy your purple ride :rocketa_purple:

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It’s because endeavourOS has the purple magic! :laughing: Welcome!


@JKartofel You’ve precisely described my experience with EOS, too. Welcome to the best daily ride out there.


Welcome to the EndeavourOS forum. I hope you enjoy your time here.


I concur absolutely, and second the sentiment. EOS is the most stable KDE/Plasma distribution I have used ever.

And, welcome, @JKartofel to the purple community.

I had the exact same experience. After years of hopping every month, I’ve been using EOS for over a year now. Everything just works, without having to sit for hours and find out why I’m stuck at TTY.


Isn’t it great when you finally find somewhere that just fits, with a distro that just gets out of your way and lets you get on with your life? No ads, no spy/malware, no data slurping, welcome to owning your computing experience, completely. Enjoy the journey! :slight_smile:

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