Just updated my computer and now steam games launch with a flickering screen

After updating today a few things are glitchy/flickering but nothing too bothersome or out of the norm besides my steam games. I’ve got them to a point where they will launch but then i’m met with a glitching and flickering screen. At least one game stopped flickering when I left full screen mode, at least for a while. Don’t know how to fix this or even what to look for. I have verified the files on all the games i tried, so i don’t think it’s a steam problem.

Hi @worm and welcome to the forum. For people to be able to help you more you will need to include a bit more information about your system and desktop environment.

here’s my neofetch, hope this helps

I’m only guessing here but I’m thinking it may have something to do with NVIDIA and Wayland. Have you tried logging into an X11 session to see if you have the same results there.

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i’m sorry, i don’t know how to do that

Logout and when on the login screen at the bottom left you will see an option to change between the 2 of them.

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just changed to x11, launched a game, and got no flickering! thank you so much for the help! I really appreciate it!

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You’re welcome

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