Just stumble over this


seems to have better support for odroids?


Ah, yes, that’s @jgmdev’s project, so it’s not surprising it has good support for ODROID SBCs… :grin:

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Feel free guys to pick what is useful from the archdroid repos for endeavour, and adapt to your liking, the most important PKGBUILDS are the kernel ones and mesa devel I guess, but recent mesa builds have buggy colors (greenish) on opengl video rendering.

I have been using the N2+ daily as desktop replacement (maybe people think I’m crazy for doing so but it has been just fine and I have ended been more productive because of less options for gaming :stuck_out_tongue:, looking for an RK3588 upgrade though but it seems panfrost video drivers will take some time to land for that newer mali and I’m feeling lazy to start putting stuff together to get a decently working archlinux install). So using it daily is what has kept me doing relevant package updates from time to time. I do make a package for each kernel major release just in case something breaks up and one wants to easily revert to older version.

That been said I haven’t done any OS image updates in some time so I have been lagging behind on that area, wanted to automate it with a spare odroid I have (which also does the PKGBUILD’s) but have been swallowed with other things.

Used endeavour to install archlinux rapidly on my mother in law x86_64 laptop and it has been working steady for more than a year now, keep the great work!


I haven’t played with my Odroid N2+ for a while.

Last time I did an install, I used @jonathon 's kernel
and the current mesa in the Archlinux Arm repos
and finished with
to fix the audio.

All was good except for the audio. odroid-alsa-1-5 did not fix the audio anymore. Anything new in that area?


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I was testing a base install with eos-arm scripts and it was having some freeze issues… just now I replaced it with android gaming image to try gaming on it (not but my kids) over holidays

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I preordered the Rock Pi 5 with RK3588. Hoping to have :enos: running on it somehow. Excited to see your work on it as I’m pretty new in this area and don’t know how to add hardware support to kernel, drivers and that sort.

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this is the goal for such ARM devices… the power itself should be fully handle a Desktop…