Just realized something

I started using Endeavour a few months after Antergos expired. It must have been 2019. Endeavour is not a new distro anymore. It’s a good distro and I like it. I’m old.

That’s about it and thanks to the guys that maintain this.


I am old too :wink:

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Me too, used Antergos for a few years, loved it, about to jump off a bridge when they announced the follow-on distro Endeavorous, been using that ever since. There are no Windows in my house. I’m an old git.

Rog (Really Old Guy)

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…if you consider yourself old for using EOS what, five years, then what does that makes of me who started with Red Hat 3.0 in 1997?


I bricked the family desktop with redhat back in the 90s by installing it and wiping the Windows partition. Had no idea what I was doing. My mom was pissed she couldn’t play solitaire lol

I was farting around with Slackware back in the early 00s.

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