Just Opened Libre Writer and this happened

It was usable yesterday.
Libre Writer is not usable today. I just opened this awful empty doc.
Not asking why it is unusable.
Only asking how to make it usable. It can’t be pushed pulled bent in any direction. Preferences and menus are poof/vanished.

Could it be that you have somehow entered into full screen mode?
Try hitting Ctrl+Shift+J - does that make any difference?


ctrl shift j puts it in fullscreen mode. but at least I get the maximize/minimize/close buttons in upper right.
the tried and true F11/F12 to shrink was not working.

as for what happened I don’t know. I don’t have macros saved unless I accidentally collided two keys and they were the wrong keys to smack? had a document open early today and all was normal. as you can see from pic there is no upper right. or left. or top.
in fact after ctrl shift j I closed doc. and now it opens fullscreen which like I said is good b/c I can minimize it and the weirdness went away.

thank you kindly for the command

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Libre weirdness. Onward!

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I’ve had issues with Wayland + LibreOffice. Possibly related?

Also, you win click baity title of the day @drunkenvicar :sweat_smile:

I was going to post a reply to your thread. You won’t believe what happened next!..


Baity title was a happy accident as I have no real filter or foresight. Now that I re-read it, I think a girl will jump out of a cake or I gave that Nigerian prince my bank account number and cha-ching he deposited $$$ or I woke up in the trunk of a car or I cured all my psoriasis with Mando but I don’t have psoriasis or Mando…

you woke up in a crate of Mando headed for Dayton Ohio, I’m assuming.

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