Jupyterlab only launches from command line

I could use some help troubleshooting.

I want to launch .ipynb files with jupyter-lab from dolphin by double clicking.

I downloaded jupyter-lab from the arch repo. I can launch it via command line and it functions normally. If I try to launch it from the start menu or by clicking a .ipynb file, I get the jupyterlab icon bouncing at my cursor, but nothing opens.

Opening up the .desktop file it has argument %f.

Terimal command launches the program


terminal command opens the desired file

jupyter-lab <file>.ipynb

.desktop includes %f argument. Using this in terminal fails with “no such file or directory” error.

jupyter-lab %f <file>.ipynb

Removing the %f argument fails to open when double clicking .ipynb files and the start menu shortcut.

Any advice? I’m struggling to find jupyter-lab terminal documentation. help, man, info from terminal aren’t giving anything either.

Having jupyter-lab open already and clicking files in dolphin with or without the %f argument also does not do anything

For extra troubleshooting, try this:

  • Launch Dolphin from a terminal
  • Try opening the file with jupyter-lab
  • Check for errors

I assume that the “Open With” submenu in Dolphin shows jupyter-lab, correct?

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yakuake: Unknown option 'e'

I had yakuake set as my default terminal. Setting it back to konsole makes it work.
Thanks for that advice, I didn’t think about that route of troubleshooting.

My next question is where is the e option coming from. I guess I’ll keep konsole as the default for now, and go toss a bug report at kde.


e’ is usually used for some kind of terminal launch option, like launching fish or drop-down terminals, etc.

Yep. -e in konsole is execute command…
From the konsole docs

-e command
    Execute command instead of the normal shell.

Why yakuake apparently does not have this or uses a different convention is a real big question to me lol

What happens if you change the %f parameter in the .desktop file to %U or %u? And is the .desktop file set as executable?

Yes it’s executable. With yakuake as default terminal, %U and %u do not change the behavior I was seeing with the %f option.

Konsole as default makes it work. It’s a Yakuake issue.

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