Journalctl shows me several errors - whether to, and how to fix?

If I run: journalctl -p 3 -xb
I get an output that roughly fills a screen. Some error messages are repeated. The main ones seem to be:
Jan 27 07:56:08 ryzen kernel: usb 1-10.1: device descriptor read/64, error -32
Jan 27 07:56:08 ryzen kernel: usb 1-10.1: device not accepting address 6, error -71
Jan 27 07:56:08 ryzen kernel: usb 1-10.1: device not accepting address 7, error -71
Jan 27 07:56:08 ryzen kernel: usb 1-10-port1: unable to enumerate USB device
Jan 27 07:56:14 ryzen systemd[1]: Failed to start Refresh Pacman mirrorlist with Reflector…
░░ Subject: A start job for unit reflector.service has failed
Jan 27 07:58:17 ryzen sddm-helper[1016]: gkr-pam: unable to locate daemon control file
Jan 27 09:18:09 ryzen kscreenlocker_greet[4956]: qml: The backend got an unknown wallpaper provider type. The wallpaper will now fall back to the default. Please check your wallpaper configuration!
Jan 27 16:44:53 ryzen kernel: amdgpu 0000:09:00.0: amdgpu: Failed to set manual fan control mode

But, I am not aware of any issues with how the system is running. To what extent is it advised to chase these things down? How for example would I find out which USB device relates to 1-10-port1? Any advice on understanding the importance of each and also approaches to fix greatly appreciated.

the 64/32 things I’m reading are power-related which doesn’t account for the other 75…the reflector ones look normal. the kde screen thing is weird.

My only 2 cents here based on your output is:

  1. service failed or forced disabled by a flying part.
    this will show you
    sudo systemctl list-units --failed
    sudo systemctl list-units --state failed

  2. broken pacman package-----I DO NOT know how to check installed Arch packages for broken-ness. That’s one command I always wanted and never got.

a place to start any way. I can’t imagine the journalctl log would look identical on reboot?
I just don’t think anything is too werid in the output but I’ve been wrong all the time…

journalctl -u reflector.service should tell you more about why the failure occurred.

This message can be safely ignored since it is informational.

You seemed to have enabled manual fan control via sysfs. I’m guessing it’s either you did something wrong during the configuration or your GPU doesn’t support manual fan control. Read this to make sure that you have configured fan control mode correctly:

Do as the error message suggests: check your wallpaper configuration. I don’t use KDE Plasma, so I’m not entirely familiar with how it works; nonetheless, I’m going to take a wild guess here. A wallpaper “provider” is probably a source (a directory on your hard drive, perhaps? or maybe an online repository?) where the screenlocker will pull wallpapers from at runtime. Go through your wallpaper configuration and look for settings that are related to “wallpaper providers.” It might be possible to turn that feature off and set a static wallpaper of your choosing.

Thanks all. I fixed a couple of them. reflector was mis-configured. Not sure how, but one of the country codes was entered wrong (spotted with the output from journalctl -u reflector.service). Edited /etc/xdg/reflector/reflector.conf and it seems OK now.

I changed desktop and SDDM wallpaper to a standard one, and that message stopped.

I use corectrl for AMD fan control. Maybe the error is related to that. But, it’s intermittent. Will perhaps try e.g. amdgpufan.