Join #endeavouros on Freenode

There’s party there tonight. :slight_smile:

Party??? Where’s the invitations? :thinking:

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No invitation needed. Just join, and let’s have some fun. :slight_smile:

Dont se e anyone lol

The party is here! :wink:

You ringo saw me, but I was away, so couldn’t reply. :slight_smile: You are still on Freenode, so join me please. :slight_smile:

is anybody there?

Edit: tap, tap, tap <sipping martini; thinking, this is a boring party so far…>

Were all here serving other customers. :laughing:

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Seems the forWard function failed. Wil chexk sunday,to ##endeavouros community channel

I’ve been waiting for an IRC channel to pop up sooner or later.

Hooray for parties! :beers: