Joe Ressington's contract with JB/ACG terminated :(

Just learned that Joe Ressington was recently fired from Jupiter Broadcasting/A cloud Guru.

So sad to see the end of some of my favourite linux podcasts, among them Choose Linux, thanks to which I discovered Endeavour :slightly_frowning_face:


Thats painfully. That person was not his friend probably not social also? Depend always which context to be said. Always watch out against who said because just joking become also painfull

Yep, the context matters and I guess in the US the word’s connotation is really bad. I personally think that this is a horrible overreaction on the company’s part on whatever happened there. It’s a real shame to lose good shows because of that. I hope it won’t be a too heavy blow for this talented podcaster and it’s only JB who will regret this decision.

i bet , if he make a show by his self he get more then a million subscribers… he can practical live on that account :slight_smile:

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He does have his independent show - Late Night Linux
I think it’s tough to make a living out of a podcast though :sweat_smile:

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Yes. very sad news. Late Night Linux is still the best Linux podcast IMHO and I look forward to hearing Joe and the LNL team very soon.

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Cultural awareness matters.
In Ireland or Australia? Cunt is on the level of fuck, at most. In the US? EXTREMELY bad, apparently.
On the other hand “Spaz” or “Spastic” is just a fun insult in America, but about as taboo in Britain as Cunt is in America because it is an actual medical condition. So…

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is just how you place it in the context…is it a joke or not not serious or serious…if work in a small team things just get familliar more freely it should be…

is like madonna and justin timberlake at the mtv awart or britney & madonna, everyone talked about but thing like pornhub sorta things is normal… just wanna say , some unbalance :slight_smile:

Perhaps someone there mistook it as a description - and decided to try to prove its veracity…?
It seems overreaction is the norm these days


That’s overly disheartening. Joe was the only reason to listen to half of the linux podcasts. Most of them suck. I guess it’ll be more Beyonce and Taylor Swift on my rides home from now on.

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Without the context, it is hard to say how serious of a problem it was. Of course, we are only hearing one side of the story so we don’t know what else happened or for how long the problem existed.

That is unfortunate.


It’s unfortunate and sad that what ever happened couldn’t have been discussed and worked out and an apology given and a lesson learned. Sometimes situations like these allow people to become more aware and humble and change for the good. Not everything people happen to say is meant in the way that someone perceives it and most decent people come to realize that sometimes what they say isn’t taken the way they said it or meant it to be. I hope that Joe takes this in stride and moves on to bigger and better things and becomes a better person from this. I wish him well …be humble man. Lifes too short.


is for us also dificult to say idd…

context mathers… my grand pa is chinese and i looks a lot of my grandpa but got a dutch dad :slight_smile:
sometimes collegues say chinese, thats fine actually… context mathers but strange people wit some weird mimic and some looks in the eyes thats a bad context in total… in my story are 3 conditions of context , 1 familiar environment is important 2 te look of the face to see if is a joke or not 3 situation… but i hope he stay around like youtube he wil get quick people offcourse.

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