Jellyfin client

Managed to set up a Jellyfin media server hosted in my NAS box. I connect via a browser, log in and have a good time.
Everything works, I have but one thing to accomplish.
Is there a Jellyfin client for Arch, because I want to skip using the browser.
Can anyone chime in ?

I have never used jellyfin but according to the website their are 3 linux options.

  • Using Kodi
  • Using an mpv shim
  • Using the Jellyfin client

The last option is in the AUR as jellyfin-media-player


Somehow, I didn’t saw the jellyfin-media-player option in the list.
I mean, invoked yay Jellyfin and a plethora of options emerged. Simply didn’t see it.
My bad, I need better glasses.
Thanks, I appreciate it!

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Bit late, but I had problems with Jellyfin, my Samsung TV would frequently not see the server on my laptop. Serviio was rock solid, as was Plex, but I went with Serviio, it is much simpler.