Jellyfin - cannot see jellyfin server on other devices in my network

OK, it’s been hit and miss but I finally got Jellyfin up and running on my main PC. The issue I have now is that I cannot find my server ip address when I try to connect from other devices on my network. I’ve unblocked port 8096 in firewalld, so I should be able to see the server. Yet nothing. Anyone have any guidance on this?

firewalld has a running config and permanent one.

Did you open that port in the runtime config and then select “Runtime to Permanent” in the menu?

Also, did you double check that you made the changes in the correct zone?

I’ve run into that problem before. Yeah I made sure it was set in the permanent and double checked it was running in the runtime as well. I believe the network should be my ip address 192.168.XX.XXX:8096. But I get nothing when I try that.

Not unrelated, emby server worked for me, I could see jellyfin server only occasionally!

Emby has occasional 10 second nags to buy it, but with tailscale I can see the server anywhere on my phone.

It’s definitely a firewall issue. KDE connect wasn’t working either until I disabled it for resting. Now I’m really sumped as KDE connect is allowed through the firewall.

Are you running a firewall on your network? Just because they are likely on the same subnet does not mean it will automatically allow connections on all ports between hosts.

Well just as a test does it work if you disable the firewall? This will determine once and for all if it is a firewall issue.

Yes. I’ve checked the firewall settings and the correct ports are open for Jellyfin.

It’s definitely a firewall issue. I was able to connect after disabling it. What I find odd is that KDE connect wouldn’t see my phone, but it had connected before when I allowed that through the firewall, but it doesn’t see it now. So I’m stumped as to why the firewall is blocking those connections.

Maybe screenshot your current firewall settings, so we can get ide.of what’s going on?