Java VM not working

Hello Forum,
i have an issue with the Java VM. I`m trying to start Siemens LOGOComfort via #sudo bash LOGOComfort as root within the correct folder, but i get the message:

[robert@robert-4236q23 Application_64]$ sudo bash LOGOComfort
[sudo] Passwort für robert:
Unrecognized option: -Xincgc
Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.
[robert@robert-4236q23 Application_64]$

java-20-openjdk is set as default and nothing of java is missing

on a previous distro-installation of endeavour it was workin fine.
Maybe some one has an idea?
Cheers, Robert

I think that’s the problem.

Are you sure the program you try to run works with a so recent version of java (where some command line options might have been removed)?

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You need JDK 8 (or older) to run that program, according to this that option was deprecated in JDK8 and totally removed in JDK9.

Why are you using sudo to run it? And from the quick lookup that is proprietary software which should come with bundled JDK already (and it appears it works OOB only on SuSE), how are you installing it?

Solved, the setup.bin inside the vm folder of siemens was not executeable

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