Japanese Keyboard

Hey I am trying to get Japanese keyboard working on my laptop, and all the keyboard on gnome don’t work, so I am trying to get Japanese Anthy working but it doesn’t exist. How do I download Japanese Anthy Keyboard. I am running Gnome version 44.5


Edit: Maybe this also helps


For what it’s worth, I use Mozc on GNOME and haven’t had issues.

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yay -Ss anthy

shows some alternatives. But I don’t know which of them is useful, if any.

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Ok I got it working ありがと


Great! :+1:

For the record, what did you eventually do?


I installed the Japanese Anthy Package

sudo pacman -Sy ibus-anthy

then I rebooted my system, went to the keyboard settings and it was there, with the gear Icon


You really should have marked the post that gave you the solution which is post #4

I’ve been using fcitx-mozc for many years and it’s been great apart from not working on the steam linux app, but works in every game. I used to use ibus-anthy and switched forgot why, but you can always look into it and compare them.

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