I've been programming my layout for my future new Mech keyboard. What do you guys thinkg?

Greetings Fellow humans, human fellas.

After a lot of reasearch I’ve decided to purchase a Hotswap Ortholinear keyboard for my first and (hopefully last) custom Mech keyboard.
The switches will be Gateron Yellows(I wanted Tangerines but they were too expensive)

You can find it here.

This keyboard is between a 65% and a 60% keyboard. It has a number row, but is smaller than a 65%, yet has more keys than a 65%.
I initially wanted to go Plank(40%) But that would too much of a jump for me.

Here is the Layout!

Upload the .json file to

Youll be able to look at the layout yourself!

The first layer(Layer 0) is your standard keyboard with a few twists.

The second layer (Layer 1) is for the FN row, arrow keys, and Numpad.

This keyboard can have up to 16 layers. The last layer includes the reset key and other RGB stuff.
I plan to map program-specific macros on the third layer(Layer 2) so It’s empty for now.

What do you guys think? Are there any keys I’m missing?


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