It's not just Arch having problems with Grub


Arch isn’t having trouble. Arch USERS are having trouble because they aren’t using grub the way the Arch devs want you to (which seems to be “never”). :clown_face:

Kidding/snarkiness aside, yeah, I figure anyone grabbing that new code too quick will have some issues. I never thought I’d need to consider having a redundant bootloader on my system but I guess it’s not a bad thing these days.

I’m actually worried about my production Rocky Linux systems though. Might have to block any grub2 updates on my production boxes for the indeterminate future


Over the past few days since this Grub issue, I have been boot loader hopping several times… systemd-loader, rEFInd, Grub, and back and forth… several times.

Though I am not a techie… what I have been reading… (though Grub was perfect since long time and even after this issue and fixing it because it supports booting BTRFS to sanapshots) I just recently had a feeling… worried… anxiety perhaps… so I just 2 hours ago changed to systemd-boot. I feel a bit safe as it is simpler.

In case something happens I believe there is a way to live boot, install BTRFS Assitant, restore…

Worst case scenario… I think I will have access to my home folder (from live session) and not lose my data.

I feel a bit better now!
Just my personal feelings and preferences, not recommending anything for or against any boot loader!

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Thank you @r0ckhopper for the links.

I still don’t get the panic and the bootloader hoping… Once we fixed/updated grub (one time fix) there is no persistent problem on updates. :upside_down_face:

Can fedora use any of the fixes we use? I mean it’s the same bootloader. Looks like it’s a two line of terminal commands fix.

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For me personally it’s less about hopping and more about failover. If one of my bootloaders breaks I want another one working so I can still boot. For me so far grub and rEFInd seem to be willing to live toether without any conlflics that I’ve noticed. Snapshots are now a requirement for me though, as they just saved my butt.


That linux for you … some like be chicken with no head … run around make panic for less xp usr.

it all calm down + move on to next panic soon :rofl:


If i don’t make mistake, fedora its a problem with their persistent file-system (so its not a grub fault) and for us it’s more a arch problem related of the fact that they have chosen to use the git version of grub.

I’ve didn’t follow what the grub team have to say about our problem. Since its a git version, i don’t know if this problem would occur if we have stay on “normal” release and how grub would have done.


It does look like a problem that will keep giving (for quite some time, if not mostly forever).

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Just feeling the same. I converted to systemd-boot and feel less nervous . I am also with btrfs and snapshots, but I always can chroot ,(and I have a daily backup of my data with Borg and Vorta, so all ok,).