It's decided: Fedora 41 Wayland-only GNOME Workstation Media


Only makes sense to me since Gnome has been using Wayland for quite some time. But on the other hand i don’t know what’s wrong with keeping both. :man_shrugging:

Yep, might as well start phasing it out (still available but not pre-installed). That way people will hopefully report problems. :slight_smile:

I’m not anti-Wayland at all; just anti-headaches since a decade with Linux is built-in headaches often (that we love). Why introduce more? So I am patient. All I hear is the headache stories right now.
The Big Ones (rhel arch suse? deb) have moved KDE in that direction. GNOME follows suit. I can’t think of two more old, non-exciting DE’s to convert to Wayland. Zzz. Gutless in many ways but that’s, just, like my opinion, man.
Josh has promised Solus and its DE’s on the road to W as well.

Can’t stop the future and I don’t want to.
But since 50% of the splintered Linux world can’t afford this switcheroo (for a while) there will always be a permanent X11 market.

that’s a great question and one of my wishes. but I wonder if that’s sustainable (do-able) for the smaller teams. I, too, believe the X11 market will stay healthy for a while.

I wouldn’t say that the distros moved KDE in that direction. The move to make Wayland the default was a KDE decision and most distros just ship with whatever upstream decided. For example if X11 were still the default. Then the Arch package would still have X11 as the default. The only distro that I know of that shipped Plasma Wayland as default before upstream KDE made that switch was Fedora.

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