Italian language using Nemo on budgie

I love endevour os with budgie
Only one thing : Nemo translation are mixed
Italian and English .
It would be better only Italian .
Thanks and compliments for the best os Linux ever made !

Hello @Antonio77
welcome to the purple universe :purple_heart: :rocketa_purple: :penguin_face: :enos_flag: :enos:

Do you have the package cinnamon-translations installed?

If not, then install it, it is the translation package for Nemo.

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Thanks a lot
I will install the cinnamon package

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except for File, Home, Desktop and Computer I don’t see English texts

I installed
yay -S cinnamon-translations
and now it’s perfect
Nemo is completely in Italian language
Before it was half Italian and half english
Thanks to show me the way to do it !

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