It takes unusually long to log into Plasma 6

I recently upgraded to Plasma 6.
It takes almost a minute to go from login screen to desktop. In plasma 5 it took <5 seconds.

My computer has an SSD, and it takes ~8 seconds to boot upto the login screen (which has not changed after the upgrade).

How should I debug this?

Can I somehow reset all KDE configurations?

That usually means something is supposed to happen after the login but for whatever reason the operation failed, times out and eventually the desktop starts.

This can be caused by a lot of different problems. Some error/warning should show up in the system log.

Before starting to reset configurations you could create a new user and quickly test if it happens there too. But checking the logs should be a good first step.

Which logs? journalctl -r?

Yes. After the login check that system log.

You can use KSystemLog if you prefer a GUI program. Or something like journalctl --since "5 minutes ago" shortly after the login.

Created a new user. It too takes similarly large amount of time. Getting back from lock screen (not login screen) is instantaneous, for both old and new user.

I will get back with the logs.

Possibly related

Yeah, it arrives at the splash screen and sits there for a while. I scanned the journal and didn’t see anything in red, at least not that I can say that it is caused by.
Still faster then windows at least

I saw bug reports where some users reported that this has been fixed after recent updates. I still have this issue after the update to Plasma 6.0.2. Can someone else share their experience?

I never experienced the problem in the first place. I use autologin though.