IT attack on Coop and some other stores in Sweden!

We have big problems shopping in some stores today.ålla-stängt-1.50583539

We’re too vulnerable for this. All the technology we need to have just to buy some food :confused:


You are not alone :frowning:



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How many people also get caught up in this too if they shopped online there if their system is compromised.? As far as I’m concerned there should be stronger regulations that require proper hardware based security for those providing any online business transactions to do with $. It has to get better than this.


Quoting from the article:

Mr Biden said he gave Mr Putin a list of 16 critical infrastructure sectors, from energy to water, that should not be subject to hacking.

I can just vividly imagine how this converstion went and how Mr. Putin rigth after that call those hackers to be nice and avoid those targets but everything else is free game. :rofl:

It is interesting that some data visualisation (VSA tool) was attacked and they have to close down everything. Not even cash payment is possible.


There is no regulation that can fix this. The security world doesn’t have an answer for supply chain compromises yet. If one of the trusted vendors who provides your security software gets hacked and then pushes the compromised software to you, you are screwed. Hardware-based security has nothing to do with this.

Kaseya VSA is a systems management and monitoring tool. It does things like manage your servers and endpoints, install software and apply security patches. So if it gets compromised, it can the compromise anything it manages.


Next year or 2023, Sweden will end completely with cash as well. Can it be more bad?

I disagree that nothing can be done about it. If that was the case then we shouldn’t be doing any online business period. Banking, credit card purchases, donations whatever? There has to be some forms of security to protect this or we better go back to cash only!

A few things:

  • Unless you have detailed technical knowledge about the situation and what could be done to avoid it, what it your assertion based on? The fact that you don’t like it?
  • I didn’t say nothing could be done about it. I said that there is no regulatory solution. Lawmakers stamping their feet and making laws won’t solve a technology problem which we don’t have a good for solution for yet.
  • IT supply chain attacks are a nightmare scenario that will require fundamental changes to avoid.
  • I am not sure what this has to do with cash-only. Unless you are going to turn all your assets/cash into some physical form and keep them in a safe at your house this will still be an issue. These attacks aren’t happening at the POS.

This has vary little to do with “online transactions”. This payment processor in Sweden being effected is just one piece of much bigger global compromise. I think you are misunderstanding what the issue is here.

No i don’t have detailed technical knowledge about it. I’m just saying there needs to be changes, more security related changes, possibly more regulations and in general more emphasis to counter act this kind of activity that is happening more frequently. It is a global threat that affects us all. Supply chain, POS, Banking, Credit Cards what ever!

This scares me A LOT. You’re just a number in a computer. Watch the movie The Net, and then imagine that was 20 years ago.

I’m a big user of monetary tender.

Then don’t. So far, these are optional things.

No offense, but if more regulations worked… We could have solved all of the worlds problems millennia ago.

Saying- help me regulators, keep me safe and secure, and do it without compromising my freedom . . . . Ya, doesn’t work.


I’m not here to debate the merits of what i think over anyone else. I have my own opinions, my own thoughts no matter what anyone else thinks, say’s or does. No offense.

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None taken?? Why would I be offended? My comment was merely a statement, there’s no way for me to be offended! You’re absolutely entitled to your opinions and thoughts though.

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I have a different perspective; I have lived all my life in New Zealand, which is a land of lower regulation, higher freedom, and tech innovation. Then I went to Germany, and lived there as Segoina for almost 18 months. Germany is a land of intense regulations (so much so that they are out of control and nobody has a grasp on all of them), where they have few freedoms, and higher tech innovation. BOTH countries are following the world bank’s orders to remove cash from society, because it makes the populace easier to control. And as that controlling stance increases due to the leanings of the politicians, so will the corresponding loss of personal freedoms. NZ becomes Germany.
Disclaimer: I am a “Christian Conspiracy Theorist” according to a lot of people. Take that how you will.

Back to the topic at hand; the loss of cash in the society and subsequent vulnerability to crackers affecting the supply chain really could be mitigated by removing That Problem OS, and using their polltical control to assert use of OpenBSD or Linux and stringent security protocols for supply-chain stuff. Properly configured then, this stuff will be too hard a target for the crooks. Do I have hope that that will happen? Nope; it makes sense. Only Nonsense flies here.


“Freedom, we’ve got it under control.”


That’s exactly what i am referring to mitigation. Not regulation in the way that most think. We are mostly forced to do online banking, bill paying etc. It’s not a always a choice. So all i am saying with regard to regulation is that those that are providing these services that are forced upon us need to be held responsible, have the best security and are doing all they can to make sure we are not vulnerable because of their lack of knowledge, or lack of security because they use inadequate hardware, software etc etc or only have concern to make $$ at everyone’s expense.


So we create laws that assign liability or regulation to stop attacks that there is no known way to stop?

If you are a company, how do you implement these magical laws?

Please explain to me what a company is supposed to do to stop a supply chain attack.

It is a great plan to “blame the faceless corporation” but what, exactly, are they supposed to do in this case?

Lets be clear, in a supply chain attack, you can be doing literally everything perfectly from a security perspective and still be compromised.

The situation you are describing as a consumer is exactly the same one companies face. They are forced to use tools to manage their systems and security, they don’t have a choice. When the tools you use to protect yourself is the thing that gets compromised, what are you supposed to do exactly?


There are ways around all of that. In our own laziness we have allowed business to make online things the defacto. It’s just not easy to avoid anymore.

That’s actually the ONLY reason every business is in business. Why would their concern be anything else? If you don’t like it, don’t spend your money with them, and find someone else who you do feel deserved earning your money.