Issues with worm

I’m using it for about 2 hours now and there are already some issues:

  1. Most important is that already 2 times the desktop freezed and needed to restart lxdm service and re-login. With freezing I mean that desktop doesn’t responding to mouse clicks or keyboard shortcuts. I can move the mouse but nothing else. I can switch to another tty though.
  2. Firefox window doesn’t move as every other I tried so far and also I cannot minimize/maximize it(the buttons don’t do nothing). I tried to use “super+f” to toggle floating mode, but it doesn’t make any difference).
  3. Fullscreen doesn’t work as expected. I tried it with kodi, mpv and vlc so far. Kodi just maximized. Mpv and vlc swich to fullscreen but switch monitors too. If I disable the second monitor via arandr, then mpv/vlc fullscreen works fine, but kodi still doesn’t go fullscreen.
    I suppose that all those issues are related to worm, because I’m using archlinux a long time ago and all those issues don’t exist with other window managers/desktop environments there.

Just pinging @OdiousImp for this :wink:

@codic12 wrote and supports worm.


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very late response, sorry :slight_smile: but it is interesting, i can’t reproduce any of these…