Issues with Libvirt and virt-manager "Unable to complete install: 'XML error: Invalid value for attribute 'protocol' in element 'source': 'file'.'"

I recently reinstalled endeavouros and I’m running into issues trying to set up a virtual machine. I was able to use it before I reinstalled my os. I added my user account to the libvirt group

the same error comes up when I run “sudo systemctl status libvirtd”

I made a new installation media and tried again, but I’m getting the same errors on a fresh install. At first I thought it might be an issues with firewalld, but I can confirm that it has created a libvirt zone for my virtual connection.

Sounds like you have an incorrect value in your xml config. You can check it either via virt-manager (Edit → Virtual Machine Details) or via virsh (virsh edit domainname)
Check this link for proper formatting and accepted values:

I don’t have any xml config yet, I can’t create a machine because I get this error every time I try. The only xml I have is the default network, it doesn’t have a protocol entry either.

OK, so this is happening when you try to create your first VM, correct? What distro are you installing? Do you have all of these services enabled? Also, when you start virt-manager, does it connect to qemu:///system correctly?


I added myself to the libvirt-qemu group as well as libvirtd.

Last question: what version of libvirtd are you running? I noticed that today there was an upgrade of every qemu package; haven’t upgraded it myself yet.

Right now I just installed endeavouros from the latest image, I tried using the LTS kernal and the regular but still no luck.
Yes, its happening when I try to create my first VM. I can confirm all those services are running. I added myself to libvirt-qemu group and restarted my computer. I am running libvirt version: 9.0.0, but I was having the same issue before it updated. virt-manager is connecting to qemu:///system
I made a new connection and made sure it was in the libvirt zone with firewalld, but still no luck.

For anyone interested: I reinstalled endeavoros, but this time I went with xfce instead of kde, and lo and behold it actually fixed my issue

While that makes no sense - I’m also an XFCE user - I’m glad it’s working now. I upgraded this morning without a hitch.