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Has anyone else been seeing an issue with since it updated a couple of days ago? Pages open fine, and most are OK. Some pages, however after a few seconds of the page opening crash to a message "This page is having a problem. Try coming back to it later. You could also: Try opening a new tab Refresh this page Error code: SIGILL. I also run Chromium, and this issue doesn’t exist. I have tried turnin off uBlock Origin, but that has made no difference. No comments in the aur page.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but please don’t respond with the “Microsoft sucks” or “Don’t use Edge” comments (I’ve already mentioned that I also use Chromium) to an honest question.

Given it’s the dev build, could it just be a development issue?

How often is this software updated?

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It is updated pretty much once a week on the typical Microsoft update cycle. I assumed the same about it being a dev build that will be resolved with no notice, but the fact that there are no comments on the aur page makes me wonder if others are seeing it. FWIW, I run Edge dev for Windows (updated the same day as Linux) as well with no issues.

I guess the other place to ask would be, given they’re the ones developing the software and could do with receiving bug reports.


Good idea. I do doubt there will be any Linux feedback there, LOL. I should have though of that since I am an insider using the dev channel Windows.

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