Issue with Libreoffice on Plasma Wayland session

Every time I open Writer (or any other app from the suite) this happens. Notice the taskbar:


First it opens several instances, then it goes to one with some generic icon, not the one specific for the Writer. This doesn’t happen in X11. I also tried it in Fedora KDE (on Wayland) and it works without the mentioned issue.

I think you mean you see two (not several) icons (not instances). Am I wrong?

IMO it looks like the extra icon is for the splash screen/window. It is a separate process/window, so it gets an icon. I don’t know much about this behavior on any Wayland DE, so someone that can test it, or share experience might make us more knowledgeable :wink: .

I think you mean you see two (not several) icons (not instances). Am I wrong?

Yes. There is also one icon with ‘X’ on it but it can be seen very briefly.

This will stop the Splash logo appearing:

sudo nano /etc/libreoffice/sofficerc 

Where it says Logo=1 change the 1 to a zero.
Ctrl X, Y, Enter to save the change
Now open LOWriter…

It’s supposed to open and you’ll see two icons in the task bar that are the same and then the far right one closes. I’m running Kde on X11. Sometimes it doesn’t show two icons if it opens quicker. Not a generic icon either.

simplescreenrecorder-2023-02-09_19.46.56.mkv (4.0 MB)

Yeah, I guess the only issue is why it’s opening X-server(you can see it briefly in the taskbar) and why it isn’t using the icon for Writer (same with Impress and the other apps). It’s using the icon for Libreoffice start center. It’s not a big of a deal, tbf, for some reason it’s happening only on Wayland session.

This happens on my VM as well. The generic icon on taskbar changes between X11 and XWayland

I can’t import the short video here, so I put it here
This is unlisted so only ppl with link should be able to see it.

If it bugs you that much don’t use Wayland. That’s all i can suggest. :man_shrugging:

Exactly. It is purely cosmetic.

Possibly, because the splash screen may be in Xwayland, while the main app in Wayland, which could explain the different (X) icon.

You can check this, if doing as suggested.

Or ask upstream Libreoffice support. :person_shrugging:

You are right. Now I tested in other distros and it’s happening too, it’s a Libreoffice issue, so I might report it there.

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