Issue with Initfram and dkms module

It seems I have an issue with the message “Deprecated feature: REMAKE_INITRD” which appears in my terminal each time I update a Kernel. All seems to work fluently but…

My goal if to activate the Virtual camera with OBS, so I installed the package v4l2loopback-dkms and it indeed works with the Lts kernel… sadly it just does not work with the regular linux kernel, neither with Zen. Maybe not a big deal… but anyway. I have seen somewhere that one advice to rebuild the INITFRAM, but here I have no idea how to do this.

In this laptop with the issue I have installed EOS with BTRFS and Luks, then converted Grub (after last August issue) to systemd-boot following @dalto tutorial. All is working great (apart the REMAKE_INITRD issue, but I think it was already there BEFORE I converted to systemd-boot).

I have a second laptop where I did a fresh install, BTRFS (but no Luks encryption) and I kept the Grub. Now, in this laptop I have no REMAKE_INITRD warning message when updating a Kernel, and I can activate the virtual camera in OBS on either of the 3 Kernels I have installed (Linux, Lts and Zen).

If I can’t find how to resolve this I’ll make a fresh install on the first laptop, maybe staying with Grub and without Luks… but I am not sure the issue is related.

Any idea how to resolve this ?
Any tip about how to rebuild the initfram ? (with systemd-boot)
Thanks in advance.

(Both laptops are Dell Latitude with Intel only, and both with KDE if it can helps)

This has nothing to do with systemd-boot or your initramfs.

This is just a warning. It is letting you know that the feature REMAKE_INITRD will be removed in future versions. It is something that the dkms package you are using needs to fix.

It was fixed upstream here:

Once the v4l2loopback-dkms package is updated to the latest version it should go away. The package is already flagged out of date


Thanks @dalto , it’s good to know it has nothing to do with systemd-boot or my initframs.

Still, there is something I don’t understand: if it is related to the dkms package I use (v4l2loopback-dkms), then how can it gives me this warning in one laptop and not in another one when both are using the same package and are updated “up-to-date” with the last dkms version (3.0.7-1)

There is obviously a difference “somewhere”, but I can’t understand where.

It only happens when the update triggers a dkms build.

It should be happening on both machines if you are using the exact same package.

Are you sure that:

  • You are using the same package, v4l2loopback-dkms on both machines and not using v4l2loopback-dkms-git or some other v4l2loopback package on one of them.
  • The update you watched where it didn’t occur actually triggered a dkms build?

Can you do something that triggers a dkms build on the other machine and share the full output?

Humm… Well, it seems I need to change my glasses.

First : You are right ! The warning APPEARS on the second laptop, so as you said it’s not really “the” issue related to my problem.

My problem is still not being able to activate the OBS virtual camera with a kernel other then the Lts kernel in my main laptop (I can do this in the second laptop) but it is indeed not related to my Initframs and to this dkms module…

So I should open a new topic for this. Sorry (and thanks) for your time :innocent:

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I would create a new topic, yes. Otherwise the information in this topic is likely just to confuse things.

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