Issue with grep

few days ago maybe 2, so i did my system update, i got grep update too, after after whatever i type in terminal i got this kind of error- same thing all the time,

egrep: warning: egrep is obsolescent; using grep -E


not only cd or sudo , that error all the time pop out
i tried downgrade my grep but still not worked,

Both egrep and fgrep have been deprecated since 2007. GNU Grep 3.8 makes that deprecation visible with the hope that it will induce people to use the standard methods.

HackerNews post:

Phoronix post:

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My guess is that there is something executing egrep inside your zhs configuration, maybe in ~/.zprofile or ~/.zshrc files.


Haha I think everybody should have ripgrep installed :wink:

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problem solved, yes it was zsh plugin issue, just i find which one then i turned off that plugin-


okay do i really need ripgrep after problem solved !?

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No, you’ve already solved the issue, so no need to do anything else.

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If the problem is solved, go to the post that helped you the most in solving the problem, in this case @adjagu . Then click on the three horizontal dots, the click on “Solution”. This will trigger the forum software to take appropriate actions.

I’m glad you solved your problem.


i think sometimes leave post as not solved, WHY? = because others can write their opinion or questions, but not all the time, sorry btw for leaving this post as not solved !

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Lol no worries - I have no issues adding my opinion to solved cases :stuck_out_tongue:
There’s usually more than ten ways to skin a cat.

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