Issue with freezing screens on desktop

Sometimes my desktop is not shown and instead of it the image of the last window on the Workspace shown. If I change to another window or switch Workspace, it shows it but never shows the desktop again. I have to log out of Xorg and start over again to fix it. Is there another way to refresh in this situation, or better anyway to troubleshoot the issue? (I am using Xfce in case it is not obvious)

what video card do you have?

It might be helpful to obtain some debugging logs from XFCE. You can try to set the variable XFSM_VERBOSE the next time you start your session. You can add export XFSM_VERBOSE=true in your .xinitrc if you use startx to start X11; or you can add XFSM_VERBOSE=true to your /etc/environment file. Doing so tells xfce to save logs to ~/.xfce4-session.verbose-log


I am using default setup. It uses systemd. I didn’t know EOS supports other init systems too. What should I do in this case?

Not sure where you got the idea about different init systems.

from here:

He’s referring to this:

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Try to add XFSM_VERBOSE=true to your /etc/environment file. Reboot and try to reproduce your issue. After that refer to the logs for debugging.

X11 refers to your display server, not your system. xinit is a piece of software that allows you to start an X11 session manually. startx is a shell script that ships with xinit