Issue with focus on window

Hello Community!

I am totally confused. Past the last day my system have a strange behavior. Sometimes I am not able to click on a window. The focus stay on the window before. Sometimes a short time of wait fix this, and sometimes I have to log out.

Thanks for any hint.

Best regards


Are you able to change focus with the keyboard? (Meta + arrow keys)

Is there any pattern to what application it gets “stuck” on? What examples come to mind for a window that it became stuck on?

Probably not the cause, but if a window spawns a child window, depending on the code it may not allow the Parent window to have focus until the child window is closed.

Just something to look for.


You might want to check how full your hard disk is, or how much free RAM you have left.
For example, commands

df -hT
free -h

could show them.
And it can be a hardware problem too, e.g. with the mouse.

This is the only way that I could use. With Meta + arrow keys I can change the window and type there.
Every kind of application gets “stuck”. I think the Signal Desktop app and other programs which use Electron could be the problem.

It also happens without opening a new window or a child window.

Also the pad from the laptop is harmed. So it is not a hardware issue. The laptop 16 gb of memory and more than 50% free when it happens.


Forcing Firefox into Wayland mode seems to fix the issue for me.