Issue with /etc/os-release

I had a problem after updates on Sunday with Cockpit on Endeavouros. I finally found that os-release had no quotes on PRIVACY_POLICY_URL. I have submitted a pull request for changes to
to correct this situation. While I have tested this locally, while I believe they should work, I cannot confirm those changes for the ISO.

thank’s looks like already merged:

As this come with a package you will get the chnages also oafter installing from ISO offline after booting into it and updating… online installs will have it already direct after install.

and since I’m here right now… thank you too for your repeated generous donation :enos: :crown:

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Thanks for the report!

That seems to be a bug in cockpit as values can be written with or without quotes.
However, I can change this in os-release since quotes shouldn’t hurt either.

BTW, does cockpit accept single quotes (') as well?

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You are welcome. I try to help in the forum when I can, but that doesn’t seem to be very often, so I went donation.



Yes, the python script ( was failing, and it took me a while to work through the traceback in journalctl.

Also, a single quote did work. In fact the first machine I figured it out on is running that way still. After comparing os-release on EOS to other distros (Arch, Debian, Fedora), I succumbed to the majority formatting style when I input that PR, instead of in place formatting and just what fixed the issue.

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Thanks! I’ll add the quotes in the coming days, hopefully no later than tomorrow.

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